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Reaction-diffusion systems
Cellular automata
Genetic algorithms
Dissipative structures

(How to correctly classify stuff described by PDEs vs. stuff described by ODEs?)

Nonlinear Dynamics

Phase transition, Phase transition classes
Critical exponent
Critical point
Percolation theory


Topics in Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Ergodic Theory

Statistical Mechanics

Ising model
Mean-field theory / Landau theory
Renormalization group
Scale decoupling and Coupled map lattice
Rigidity and Emergence and Order parameter and Correlation Length


Topics in Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics


Graphs and Networks

Complex network
Neural gas model

Modeling networks as random graphs:

Random graph phenomena:

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Machine Learning

Feature learning

Sheaf neural network (Spectral sheaf theory, Discourse sheaf)

Manifold learning
Spectral submanifold
Taken's theorem


Topics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Information Theory

Kolmogorov complexity, Kolmogorov's Invariance Theorem

Transfer Entropy

Fisher information, a Hessian of Relative entropy

Algorithmic probability
Shannon's source coding theorem
Kraft-McMillan Inequality

Kalman filter
Covariance intersection
Sensor fusion


Topics in Information Theory and Control Theory

Self-organized criticality control

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Social models

Bounded confidence model

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Advanced Maths

Liquid tensor experiment

Applied Topology

Simplicial complex
Euler characteristic
Exact sequence
Morse theory


Topics in Topological Data Analysis

Misc (New Research)

Tangle machines

Neuroscience and Psychology

Cognitive effort, Stroop task
Corpus callosum
Salience network

Bouba-Kiki effect

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